Saturday, August 24, 2013


Soooooo~ I'm thinking of merging my this blog  and my tumblr because I'm having problems with blogger :( Sad. It's too slow these past few weeks.

Well, I'll just post this up here! I've always loved dressing up, I may habe been boyish as a kid and had a I'll-wear-whatever phase but I came back to my first love - Fashion and dressing up! When I have time I always dig up my closet and look for clothes that I haven't used for a while or haven't really used. Impulsive buyer? Guilty beyond reasonable doubt. 

This leopard dress was actually given to me by my aunt, I only wore this once for a family dinner then *poof* it was vanished at the back of my closet.

It's raining heavy these days and it gives me more time to just lay around and do nothing, so I decided to have a shoot with my sweet(sarcasm applied) brother. I ended up pairing this dress with my newly bought skater skirt, it was love at first sight with my skirt! It was white and had embossed details! The dress was a bit short for me now, so I used the skirt to cover up and used my favorite wedges to make it look like I'm taller than my real height. Haha.

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