Friday, April 12, 2013

Holy Week Vacation

Just got some free time. So, last,  last week was  Holy Week, we spent our vacation at Tagaytay. It was hot on afternoons - which was unexpected - but really cold at night.

I took photos of course. I just love looking around seeing things.

The view from our room

This is my new Coach bag. It was a gift from my Aunt.

This are the Collar Pins, which kindly sent to me. They are soooo cute when worn. I'll show you a picture next post. You should definitely visit their site!

I also took a photo of the moon which look a bit cartoon-ish. But the moon was so beautiful. And I think it kinda look like something from Twilight (charot!)

And on our way back to the hotel, we passed by SkyRanch: Sky Fun Park in Tagaytay. They have the tallest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines! Plus, it look amazing in the evening with it's flashing lights and everything. Haha.

The next day we ate at JT's Manukan. It's a diner which mainly serves Inasal and the place was decorated with Joel Torre's Films. Like Oro, Plata, Mata, The West Side Story and more.

And their tables where decorated with flowers and set like you're really in the province. The food is good. They also have this little Koi Fish Pond at the back. I really like Koi Fishes, I think they're really cute. :)

After eating, we went to Sky Ranch. You can see that they Sky Eye really is much cooler at night with it's pretty lights. Haha. Then we rode the mini coaster called, Nessie Coaster. Then the Carousel, yes, I really like carousels.

We took a rest and I took some shots of the view out from the park. 

By sundown we decided to ride the Sky Eye because I really, really wanted to. But it's too hot in the afternoon to ride in even though the gondolas themselves are air-conditioned.

 The view from the bottom, while we line up for the Ferris Wheel.

While we were at the line we saw this really awesome dog. I've been wanting this Siberian Husky since forever. I love the way that it looks like a wolf, it's so cool. 

Finally, we're in! This is the view from the top. As in, center-top! Haha. Look how little the cars look.

It's a ten minute ride so we took photos, but unfortunately none of them seems to fit in the blog. Haha.

Before we leave the amusement park I took more photos of the pretty Ferris Wheel. Haha.

Sorry for the photoflood. I'll see you guys again next time! xx

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