Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where Have I Been?

I am back! Yeay! I finally got a time off from school since last year. I have been planning to get back in here since the first semester, unfortunately I flunked a subject. And that just pushed me to study hard first before getting back to blogging.

So, this is my first blog entry for 2013! And I have to share something with you. I just saw this online shop, They have a wide range of clothing for very reasonable prices! And not only for the ladies' but for the guys, too! Also, they have the cutest accessories/jewelries. I found the wing neckline brooch, finally! I've been looking for those since I saw them on a blog post of one of my fave bloggers!

Here are some of their products which you'll surely love!

For girls:
Faux leather jacket with splicing, perfect for the cold weather

A denim shirt for a laid back look.

Green dress for a formal event. (The color is so 2013 ♥) 

You'll find more here:

For guys:

Denim jacket. It looks so cool ♥ :D

Find more here:

So, what are you waiting for? You should definitely visit the site now. Great styles at great prices.

Gotta go now. But I'll try to be back soon.
Meryl ♥

Click here for more cheap and great items:

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