Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back to School: Pastels

Only have a day left 'til school. I'm still not ready, I haven't even planned my outfit for the first day. Haha. Oh, well. I'll do it tomorrow. Good luck to me.

So, I created the set below starting from the shoes. I really, really like those shoes. It's super cute, I love the color, the t-strap detail and the height. If only I had those, plus the rest of the set. I'd definitely wear them.

Back to School: Pastels

Well, enjoy and find me on polyvore =]
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  1. The colors are so pretty! I love the dress, the necklace, OPI polish, the glasses....everything:)

  2. Really cool post! Great blog! Your posts keep me coming back for more - it's cos you're amazing!!! Have a great day and a brilliant weekend ahead! Looking forward to more posts from you!