Monday, May 28, 2012

College Freshmen, Here I Come!

Hi guys! I'll be busy starting this week. I'll be going to college as a freshmen on Monday! Yes, Monday, June 4. It kinda sucks, our school is the first one to have classes =( Oh, well. We don't have to wear our uniform 'til August 4, so I must plan my outfits strategically because of the weather and, unfortunately, we don't have air conditioners in all of our rooms. Well, the set below is how I'm planning to go on the first day. But, I just remembered that it's my PE, and the blazer might make me look like a grad student. =)) So, that means I still have to plan my outfit, like six outfits out of seven days. Yes, I'll be going to school on Sundays. More outfits, less time.

College Freshmen, Here I Come!

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  1. I like your fashion sense! Can't wait for actual pictures of your outfits :D

    Oh and good luck with college!

    1. Thanks! You can visit my if you want. :D