Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dog Days Are Over

Oh. My. Gosh! I just graduated from high school! Well, I graduated last Wednesday, technic'lly. But, yeah! Now I just need to get through 4 years of college! :] That's a big thing. Yes, I'm sorry for being being absent for a few days or weeks. But, I'm back and ready blog!

So, last night a was thrown for me and my aunt. She graduated from college and I from high school. It was really fun! I just wish that my friends were there. It was kinda late, I understand why they couldn't attend. Well, never mind the drama.

Here are pictures from last week's activities:

First up, are these guys. The photo was taken by my Dad, who was very considerate, because we wanted a picture with all of us in it. My dearest classmates and friends on our Graduation Day

This is my bestfriend Denice. 

Congratulations! I finally got my Diploma! And I will definitely miss wearing this uniform.

After our Graduation day, our class president hosted a party at her place. Which was a great idea since we all wanted to get together and have some fun. Do you still remember this photo from my birthday post?

Well, I finally got the guts! Yeay for me! Well, I'm glad that I told him, because we're still friends now. ^_^ Here's a better photo of us. But, we're not 'something' >:] I look haggard -.- :))

And my schedule last week was really, really hectic. After Grad, the party, them my aunt's grad, then our party. Well, here are some photos taken at the party:

These kids are adorable! Especially the little one, he has this cute pouty lips =D

I don't know why, but for some reason, my brother always looks like this in pictures. 

The cake and cupcakes for the dessert! ^_^

 I got tired and just sat there after walking around. And, I can't believe I wore my unusually high snakeskin wedges all night! But, I have to admit, I love how they look! The color and print are very pretty! ^_^

And, last but not the least, a couple of photos with friends and my aunt.


 Today's Sunday! Thank you, Lord for all the blessings! Right now I'll just leave you with these:

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