Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lucky Friday the 13th!

I'm officially 16 now! Yeay for Sweet 16. It's unbelievable how I'm already 16, yet I feel like nothings has changed since I'm 13. Except for the physical appearance, of course :] And you guys all heard that Friday the 13th isn't the the 'luckiest' day, well, it's not really true. Sometimes it's kind of a good day. It was my birthday, I spent it with friends and family, and unlike what most Sweet 16 parties, especially in the western society, mine is very simple, because we, Filipinos, make the 'Debut' or 18 Birthday the most special one, rather than 16 or 15. Well, I was happy with it. After eating at my house we went out to play L4D (Left For Dead).

And I totally got the chance to take a picture with my crush ^____^ I'm such a teenage girl, I'm still embarrassed by it, though. He's like one of my closest friend. I hope my blushing and my friends' teasing wouldn't affect anything. :) Anyways, being my friend, classmate and seatmate already makes me happy and a little kilig. That's already enough, I don't want anything else from anyone. And that's good 'coz he's already with some pretty girl. Haha, this is the first I have ever written about my  crush on public. Is this bad? xDD Well, what the heck, he doesn't blog so, whatever.

Thank you God for everything You have given me, every little thing. The blessings, the people, the experiences, the wisdom, the challenges I've gone through and for the whole year behind me. I am now more mature, smarter and stronger to face the new year in front of me.

So, like my simple birthday, this is my simple outfit. I stayed in my uniform in the afternoon then just change tonight.

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