Friday, December 30, 2011

Xinh Chao, Ho Chi Minh!

Yeay! Done with my first ever flight in/out of the country. It wasn't so bad. I love the feeling of the airplane taking off and landing, such a fun time, it's like you're just riding in an amusement park ride :D I arrived here - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - about 1:30 in the morning Philippine time, and about 12:30 here. When we were on the road to my Uncle's place we saw a piggy, literally! It's a wild boar on the roadside, it was kinda scary because we got lost on our way there, but the pig was funny to see. It's cute to look at. =D For our first day, we were actually planning to go to Cambodia first, but we'll do that tomorrow because of some reservation sheez. For today, we went to Parkson Mall and the mall in front of it. I forgot the name, hehe. But it was cool, we didn't actually bought anything yet, because we're still looking for things. Then we went to Saigon Square, we took a look at things, bought a few things. I'm going to post the things I bought, maybe the day after tomorrow. I love the new sweater top I bought, because it's so cute! It's gray and knit, perfect for traveling, I'm still deciding if I should buy the combat boots I saw. It's like the combat boots I've been looking for! If it's for me...........please be for me, you shiny, cute, black combat boots! Hahahahaha! Well, this is a long butt-note now. Gotta go now! Bye! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! <3 P.S. - Sorry for the no-spacing/paragraphs. Currently using an iPad for today blog entry =D

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