Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quirky and Kooky

So, I just receive my Bitter Critter from Quiddity! I really, really love it! It's so me! I love witches, feathers, satchels, and cute little notebooks (because I'm an aspiring writer =D). It's perfect because when I go out and have a lot of things on my my mind I always scribble on something, now I have my little Bitter Critter to keep me company. Thanks to the beautiful and fashionable Ms. Kryz Uy of thirtsythought! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have won this awesome little notebook or discover the awesome notebook shop of Quiddity!

So here's a picture of the notebook, but it's borrowed form their site because my camera's USB is MIA. Don't worry I'll upload a personal picture of my adorable and quirky notebook when I find that USB cord :)

For more info about their products please visit Quiddity Online on multiply or their Facebook account Quiddity Online

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