Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm in a Band Called 'Crazy Witches' With the B

Aw, I love the shirt my mom gave me for Christmas! I've been looking for cartoon/superhero/character shirts. I already have a lot of them but this one's gonna be one of my favorite, I love the color - even though yellow not my favorite color - I love the print it's; 'Wacky Races' from Hannah-Barbera Productions. Yes, the producers of cartoons mostly seen on cartoon network.  I'm also loving this skirt. I've already worn it in one of my looks. This outfit is kinda quirky, but I gotta admit, I like it. =D

Here's the link to my outfit:

Happy Holidays! ^__^ 'Til then! Gotta prepare for my trip tomorrow! ^_^

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