Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hey there, Nerd Girl!

Yeay! Something to cheer me up! I just picked up something from the postal office! Guess what? Here's a clue:
 Can't guess it? Here it is! As I've mentioned from the previous post I receive a gift from An awesome Online Optical Shop! They have these wide range of frames and glasses for your eyes. They have cool printed glasses and subtle but chic ones!
 Here's mine! I opted for the plain one, because I have to used it in school with my uniform, it would be too loud and too eye catching if I used the pretty little leopard printed ones :) They're so cuuuuute! I already love them!

Thanks to the generous Miss Jane of! I love it! I've had glasses since the 3rd Grade but I never wore them out of school or home, because I never found a perfect one! Now I can use my glasses wherever! I'm so happy, I'm going out of the country for a little vacation and I can now see everything with my fashionable and very functional glasses!

Here's a little picture of me:
Haha, it's so embarrassing! xD

Don't forget to visit their shop! And you can also fan their page here! Proopticals Facebook Page

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