Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Want To Fly Into This Beautiful Life

Whoooo! Late post, but yeah, whatever. I saw Breaking Dawn last Friday! I love it, I think they finally did justice to the book. I had a shirt made just for the movie, I'm also thinking about having another one for Hunger Games and baller bands for both. I really, really, really, really love books! Oh, yeah! I can't wait for the last one, I'm both excited and sad. One year to go again.

And who says you can't wear the same thing again? I wore the shorts and the shoes in three of my other looks, but not together.

Oh, I also took photos of my look with the shirt.

What sucks is that my only picture had to have a light right on my face >.<  It's because we were on a hurry, we watched it on the first day but last show that night.
Here's a large version with all of us. =D I wasn't really wearing shorts that night. But I took photos when I was in my shorts.

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