Friday, November 4, 2011


Well, I have not really posted much about books, but I'm a big fan of books. I love series, trilogies, sagas. And the books resent on my list is the The Hunger Games Trilogy. It's fun to read, and full of thrill. And I just found something and it kinda sounds/look geeky but it made me smile. Here it is!

I think it totally looks cool! I mean the whole ID thing, the website they created. Oh, here's the website if you wanna check it out.
It's a little slow so wait for it. I think it was loading or something. So aside from fashion, I love books, too. And if you want something to read. Hunger Games are totally the thing you;re looking for. (I still love Twilight, though. It's on top of my list :] )

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